LINK: Flat-Pack Mari Kit by David Pitt

Follow the link below to purchase on the trac website.

A beautifully illustrated booklet has now been published as part of the project.  In it, historian Rhiannon Ifans explains the history of the custom and gives versions of a number of Mari songs together with translations of the verses. We have also worked with the film maker Craig Chapman to produce a short video to evaluate the project.
We hope that the flat-packs will be a resource for future learning, and to raise awareness about this unique Welsh tradition. They’re available through trac at a cost of £40 plus £8 p&p which includes the self-assembly cardboard horse skull, a DVD to guide you through the process of creating your Mari, and the booklet which will give you all the background you need to join in with the custom. You can order your fflat-pac Mari kit online at the bottom of this page. For destinations other than Britain or the US, please email us at Delivery is by courier ideally within 3 days (UK).